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Document Accessibility – what is it all about?

Every document file must undergo accessibility adjustments before uploading to the website so that people with disabilities, and especially those who suffer from blindness or visual impairment, can also “read” it by means of a screen reader software that conveys them the text by vocal reading. In practice, the accessibility adjustments applied to the document […]

The reasons you must install an Accessibility Statement in your website

One of the main components of adequate website accessibility is the requirement to display a proper accessibility statement on the website. Past experience shows that the failure to comply with that requirement is the main vulnerability of websites and the main reason for lawsuits in that field. That happens for two main reasons: Firstly, in […]

How are we protecting your business?

One of the crucial concerns of our clients is to secure protection/immunity from legal complaints for insufficient or deficient accessibility at their websites. Those who approach us for digital accessibility services are, quite rightly, expecting to be sure that the service they pay for will spare them from complaints and lawsuits in the field. This […]

Which websites must comply with the accessibility standard and who is exempted?

The ultimate vision for the WWW is that the entire internet will be accessible to people with disabilities, namely those for whom the normal, customary way of navigating online with eyes that see the screen, hands that operate the mouse and keyboard, and cognitive capacities that process the data without special difficulties, is challenging and […]

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