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Privacy and cookies policy

1. Entering into an agreement

As stipulated in the terms of use of the website and the system, the use of the system is subject to and conditioned upon acceptance of the present privacy and cookie policy. Accepting the terms of the privacy policy and cookies is a condition and part of the very use of the system.

2. Privacy

1. The privacy of system users is important to the company, and it invests its efforts in maintaining and observing their privacy. The user must be aware that the company may disclose his/her private information to third parties as part of the usage of the system and/or as part of compliance with the requirements of local laws, to the extent it is required to do so. The company’s policy regarding the handling of the information it collects in connection with the use of the system is stipulated below.

2. As part of using the system, the company will collect and store the following personal details, which were provided, as far as they were provided, by the user: full name, phone number, e-mail, date of birth (optional), address (optional) and social network information (optional) (hereinafter: “personal information”). The company will be entitled to collect personal information within the scope of maintaining the user’s usage of the system (including after using the system) as well as for internal needs and for the needs of investigating complaints and/or reviews, including through “Cookies” (as this term is defined below), as detailed in sub-section 2.4 below.

3. As part of using the system, the user will be entitled to provide the company with personal details of his/her clients, on whose websites the user implemented accessibility adjustments through the system (hereinafter: “the client”). The company will be entitled to keep such clients’ personal details that may include full name, phone number, e-mail and address (hereinafter – “client’s information”). The user will feed into the system only such clients’ information whose provision to the company and a permission to use it in accordance with this Privacy & Cookies Policy has been approved by the client. The provision of Clients’ information is at the responsibility of the user and uploading such information shall be considered as the Client’s approval to the provision of the information to the company and to any use of such information by the company in accordance with this Privacy & Cookies Policy.

4. The company will be entitled to use the clients’ information as stipulated in sub-section 2.5 below, in matters related to or arising from the user’s usage of the system.

5. The user agrees that the company will use his/her and the clients’ personal details (including after using the system), including possibly sharing them with third parties, solely for the following purposes:

     a. Improving the user’s work with/on the system and developing additional features for the system;
     b. Clearance of the user’s credit card;
     c. Enforcement of this Privacy & Cookie Policy and/or the terms of use, including investigation of possible violations of their instructions;
     d. Identification and prevention of fraud, as well as technical or security-related issues;
     e. Handling inquiries on the part of the user and providing service to the user, including technical/technological support;
     f. Dealing with possible claims made by the user regarding violation of third-party rights by the display of certain content on the website;
    g. Protection of the rights, property, or safety of the company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the public;
    h. Collecting, saving, and/or managing personal information of the user and/or the client through the company’s service providers, which may be located abroad and may have different privacy protection laws than those applicable in Israel, including in relation to artificial intelligence services, among others by Google and IBM;

6. The system will monitor the accessibility levels of websites on which it has been implemented, and as part thereof, general information about the websites, including their structure, will be collected. Also, anonymous information will be collected about visitors to such websites, including functions used by the visitors on the website, IP address, and geographic location. The user will be responsible for notifying the client thereof, as well as making sure that the client adds a reference to that effect in the privacy policy of the relevant website.

7. The company will be entitled to send users who agreed thereto advertising, marketing material, newsletters, etc.

8. The user will be entitled to notify the company in writing or in the manner in which it received such materials of his/her refusal to accept the materials mentioned in sub-section 7 above, and the company will remove such user from its mailing list.

9. To the extent that the company is required by a competent authority to provide the user’s personal information, it will do so subject to the relevant judicial order or any other legal directive.

10. The company may use the services of third parties, such as (but not limited to): (a) Google and Meta, for activating the system, as, for example, for logging into the system; and (b) server services of, among others, the Intercloud company, located in Germany, and of the Cloudflare company, in the countries where it operates, and in accordance with their privacy policies (which can be found at The company recommends the user to read the terms of use and privacy policies of third parties as mentioned.

11. The company may also use Google Analytics, a Google tool that helps the website analyze the user’s usage of the website. The information collected using the said tool, including the IP of the visitor and the address of the web page where he/she browses, is stored on Google servers. From what the company knows, Google uses such information for the purposes of evaluating the user’s visits to the website, and of producing reports for website operators regarding website activity and internet usage. Google can also transfer such information to third parties as required by law or if such third parties process the information for Google. As far as the company is aware, Google will not link the user’s IP with any other information owned by Google. You can find the full version of the terms of use of Google Analytics at the following address:

12. The company uses professional security systems to protect the information collected according to this Privacy Policy. Such services will include periodic checks and backups. However, even though the company aims to secure the information collected, as mentioned, and makes efforts to protect it, the company will not be responsible for any security failures that may occur and are beyond its control.

13. The user may ask the company to view the information collected in his/her regard, delete it or change it, by contacting the company at the following email address only: [email protected], and the company will make reasonable efforts to comply with the user’s request, subject to applicable law.

14. Unless instructed by the user and/or the client otherwise, the company will be entitled to keep the user’s and/or client’s personal information to the extent required for the purposes detailed in this Privacy Policy, subject to applicable law. The company will be entitled to keep non-identifying information of the user for an unlimited period.

3. Cookies

1. Like most websites, the website and the system use cookies (“Cookies”) – small text files that are stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer and allow the company or third parties to identify the user, analyze the user’s activity on the Internet, and provide a better and more friendly browsing experience of the system. Also, the cookies are used to verify the user’s information, adjust the application to the user’s personal preferences as well as for information security and statistical data collection. It should be noted that these cookies will not contain personal details.

2. In addition, the cookies can be used by third parties, for example Google, to present the user with marketing material on other websites he/she is visiting.

3. The website and the system use “Session Cookies”, which are usually deleted upon leaving the website and the system or closing the browser, and “Persistent Cookies” (memory cookies), which are stored on the user’s computer and can be deleted by the user. The use of memory cookies is made for the needs of the user’s quick identification.

4. Each user may change the settings of his/her browser so that cookies do not operate on his/her computer. In addition, any user may delete cookies stored on his/her computer at any time. The user declares that he/she understands that stopping the activity of cookies or deleting them means that the website and the system will not be adapted to the user’s personal preferences or alternatively that the system will not work fully or partially.

5. Changing the settings of the cookies and/or blocking them may harm the user’s experience and may also harm the use of certain features of the website and the system or block them altogether.

6. You can find more details on the subject at the following websites:, and

7. By browsing the website and using the system, the user agrees to the usage of cookies by the website and the system.

4. General

This policy, the website and the system (including everything related thereto, such as their availability and interface) may change, be replaced and adjusted, in whole or in part, in accordance to the sole and exclusive discretion of the company. The user hereby waives any right and/or claim and/or demand to that effect.

Updated version as of October 25th, 2023.